MySQL – Enterprise readiness

Google runs critical business systems with MySQL.

“Google runs critical business systems with MySQL and InnoDB. The systems require 24×7 operation with minimal downtime. The systems support large OLTP and reporting workloads. We are very happy with the scalability, reliability and manageability of this software.”

Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager, Google Inc.

Yahoo Financial runs on MySQL

MySQL at Yahoo!
Some Technical Details:
Operating system used: FreeBSD and Linux, synchronized using MySQL Replication
Size of database: 25 GB
Average number of concurrent connections: 60
Max number of concurrent connections: 250

Ticketmaster runs on MySQL

“We migrated the Event database from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL for lower costs and higher scalability. Thanks to MySQL, we are able to scale 4 times better while constantly maintaining the replication latency of less than 1 second across our 250 MySQL servers.”

Ed Presz, Sr. Director of Database Engineering, Ticketmaster Entertainment

 It is time for all other innovative companies in financial, retail, manufacturing, health care, services sectors to look into MySQL as their database..

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