Identity Management – Vendor solution Vs OpenSource

Identity management provides holistic solution for compliance, security requirements, and improve  overall IT operation. Following are major vendors and their products providing IDM solutions in the market

– IBM/Tivoli Identity Management
– Oracle Identity Management (or Oblix/COREid/Thor)
– Computer Associates Identity Management (or Netegrity)
– MIIS (Microsoft Identity Integration Server or MMS (Microsoft Management Server) or Zoomit)
– SunOne Identity Management
– Novell Identity Manager
– BMC Identity Management (or Passlogix)

Before any organization implements IDM, it is best practice from program management office standpoint to develop a business case and return on investment.

How to create a measurable ROI for IDM investment?

If help desk operation is expensive in an organization, measurable ROI development is possible whereas if help desk operation is already lean, it is challenging to develop a TRUE ROI for IDM investment.

IDM solution provides holistic solution for compliance and security requirements. Even when there is no TRUE ROI for IDM investment, still it is worth considering IDM for  its elegant user provisioning, user de-provisioning, user management, access management, password management, work flow, single sign on solutions.

The open source products OpenSSO, OpenDS (directory server) supported by SUN provides most cost ( total cost of ownership) effective solution among the solution landscape. Identity managers supported by SUN, which eventually will become an open source product provides all connectors to integrate various directory services and build work flow for custom provisioning and de-provisioning.

Message: If there is no TRUE ROI for IDM, consider OpenSSO/DS/Identity Manager solution before dropping IDM from your technology road map.

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