Neuro Dynamic Programming Language (NDPL)- Computing Future

Neuro dynamic programming is a stochastic/mathematical/control theory concept. It is nothing to do with computer programming language. NDP addresses optimization problem.

Neuro dynamic programming is an another topic I have been very interested in and I have been expressing this vision that the next generation programming language is going to be based on this. It is going to be next paradigm in the computer programming language. The concepts has wide applications today in various discrete engineering fields from signal processing, packet switching, space exploration etc. It is going to be available for day-to-day application in near future.

I have to reproduce some of the detail documentation I wrote few year ago starting from the framework. The objective of this blog is to provide a high level (with out using any mathematical models) explanation of NDPL.

15-20 years ago, structural programming language like COBOL, PASCAL, C were popular, object oriented programming language like Small Talk just came up and it took significant time to gain and sustain momentum and today we use OO languages like Java. The OO concept was extended to the other widely used computer programming languages.

What is Neuro Dynamic Programming?
I would like to have a separate blog on what is NDP. But I will let you know how I got exposed to this concept. I have been trying to solve stochastic problems using Markov Decision process and explored more on unsupervised learning problems like Robotics path finding using reinforcement learning (It is a solution not a problem), Q learning, MaX Q, NDP, etc.

What is Neuro Dynamic Programming Language?

It is computer programming language combines the concepts of object orientation, Ontology, and NDP. Ontology is a presentation of knowledge. NDP is a way to seek optimal solution in a unsupervised dynamic environment. Object oriented concepts includes inheritance, polymorphisms, functional over loading etc.

Think about programming languages developed based on objects (like dealer objects, car objects) which has prior knowledge (ontology) and continue to learn using NDP. Let us say there is a car object with VIN 39AVN4821S4XY23. Develop this object using NDPL once, and it will always contain the latest information about that car and anyone using that car object (DMV, insurance, re marketing web sites, etc) will get the latest information..

Cool huh!! more to come..

Developing this concept, writing the programming language constructs and designing a programming language can easily end up a Ph.d Thesis..

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