Different types of architects

Architect defines the architecture. Broadly the architects are divided into the technical and business architects. The business architect are focused on the economical change of the market and devise  a set of  business process  for enterprise or systems adaption and to attain enterprise or system’s mission and vision.  The technical architects are  focused on implementation of the business architecture defined to meet enterprise’s or system’s mission and vision.

The technical architects are broadly divided into

    System/Product architect
    Domain Architect
    Solution Architect
    Applied Architect
    Enterprise architect

Based on the architect characteristics, the types of technical architects shall be divided into the generalist and specialist. The specialist focus on one specific area and the knowledge acquired and possessed by the architect is deep. Where as the generalist, knowledge acquired and possessed in a set of areas is broad.
System/product Architect

System/Product architect are the generalist, responsible for the cohesive architecture solution of the system or product. They have equal strength in the both technical and business area. Plays a vital role to bring all the stake holders together and ensure all the stake holders concern’s are captured methodologically, formally documented and validated. Assist the project manager to make the management decision and makes key technical decision for the project/system/product. Brings all the technical architects, development teams, system analyst, and support teams together to ensure the cohesive architecture is defined to meet the stake holders concern and ensures the defined architecture is implemented. The system architecture validation is done by using the user case scenarios. +1 view of the architecture. The architecture verification is done through reviews.

Domain Architect

Domain architects are the specialist, responsible for the architecture solution for that domain. The domain architect is an abstract definition and there are various domain architects. The domain architects specific to the web development projects are

  • Application architect
  • Data architect
  • Information architect
  • Integration architect
  • Security architect
  • IT Process architect
  • Infrastructure architect
    • Network architect
    • Server architect
    • Web run time architect

Solution Architect

Solution architecture team is the set of specialist working together to research and seek solutions for a specific problem.

Applied Architect

Applied architects are match makers. The applied architects have the known set of problems, solution and context. The architectural patterns are applied to the system or product. The architectural patterns includes to the process solution or methodology for the implementation and its style.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architect are responsible for defining the holistic architecture solution for the entire enterprise.

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    • Hello,

      Your blog was useful. Do you suggest any newsletters for Software Architects? Can you or someone seeing this message reply?

      Thank you


      • Dear Vas,

        Are you referring to a software journal (as a newsletter). There are IEEE, journal of software architecture, elsevier (journal of system architecture).. most of the article are conceptual and theortical.. Provides a strong foundation for practical application..

    • i thank for presenting this information but i need little more information of various fields of enterprise architects like enterprise architect (DTH and data) , enterprise architect (ITservices) etc…..

  4. Hi Prabasiva,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I was referring to newsletters from Industry or associations or groups to keep Architects up-to-date of happenings. I cannot find anything.


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  6. This is a great article. I have always struggled with the difference between solution architect and software architect. Most of the articles don’t mention very much about the software architects when they list the different types of architects. Am I missing something obvious?

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  8. Hi , after all it seems that its a good arcticle but i think its hard for a student studying architecture to understand it ….plz solve that issue …maybe more explanation might help

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