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I like, I benefit from by watching videos and contributing to it by posting my lecture series. It is very sad to hear that $1.6 Billion Google investment is still struggling to figure out a business model to make money in spite of burning at least $1.5 million a month in bandwidth cost. Here are few high level thoughts to Tim Armstrong’s team on how to make as a profit center:

  • as a corporate product to support internal training, video help,
  • Turn into the world biggest movie theater – Release all new movies in youtube and charge the viewer (similar concept as hulu)
  • Divide users into – free users (public tv viewers) and paid viewers (cable or satellite tv viewers)

I’m sure folks at San Bruno are thinking similar to the above..

The original indent of the post is to provide feedback to the operational team on intermittent internal server error occurred in the Mostly, internal server error occurs when the web server is unable to successfully establish the connectivity to the application server. The load module (app server plugin) failed to successfully connect to the next node. I provided the time stamp in my screen shot.

As an end user, I can be all most cent percent sure that google search engine with pagerank algorithm is not incorporated in The metadata used to return the videos for a search operations are ok. Since the end users are used to get a better search results in the google, the expectation are same in the This could be an area where the engineering team at San Bruno can look into..

One think is clear that is using apache web server..

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