Key deliverables of Enterprise Architecture – High level overview

In an executive summary level, the top 5 Key deliverables of Enterprise Architecture:

  1. Road maps (technology, process, people road maps. Study the maturity,adoption and business application of specific technologies , processes )
  2. Application portfolio management (includes management of “AS IS” information (application, infrastructure, information, business, finance, organization),assessment and recommendation to eliminate over laps)
  3. Scenario Planning (what if analysis for an organization)
  4. Standards & policies (Technology, processes, products,patterns)
  5. IT Risk management (aligned to the enterprise risk management plan)

Enterprise architect provides thought leadership to teams in an organization to believe and implement the above deliverables in their service and solution delivery.

One thought on “Key deliverables of Enterprise Architecture – High level overview

  1. In my experience many enterprise architecture deliverables
    become what I would call “architectural waste”, meaning they are
    not valuable because they are not consumed by the next step in the
    IT Value Chain. I prefer talking about architecture consumables
    Ultimately, to be successful, an architecture practice needs to
    provide to its stakeholders (within and outside IT) what they need,
    cost effectively.

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