To do’s

When I get free time.. here is my wish list I want to do.. (Last updated.. 12/22/2009)

Post blog on following topics..

Short term projects: (Duration: 1 – 2 weeks)

Auto industry – Strategy Analysis

  • Minivan strategy analysis performed around 10 months ago
  • Views of future auto industry – An optimistic, yet a realistic view

Auto Finance (Business & Technology – IT Architecture, Strategy)

  • Graphs created in the captive finance stability model (done)
  • Improve the captive finance stability model – Introduce capital infusion sub model..
  • Technology vendor landscape for auto finance business processes..
  • Open source landscape for cost effective IT operation
  • E-Mail Strategy for large size corporation
  • Why do we need IT architecture principle for fast growing IT company?
  • How to be inside the box and think outside the box?
  • Identity Management Strategy – IDM Strategy, Directory services – OpenLDAP vs OpenDS
  • Compliance Conformance – Integral of IT strategy
  • Bounce your ideas/approach with your kid

Science (Quantum Mechanics, Stochastic Processes, Wavelets)

  • Post the Gabor transformation video into my channel. ( I captured this video almost one year ago and yet to post it  into
  • Post the updated Gabor transformation derivation into my blog ( I created this document almost one year ago..)

Long term projects: (Duration: 3 – 5 weeks)

  • Create a video to derive the Schrodinger equation in 3D
  • Create a video on Eigen Vectors/value
  • Video on how google search engine works? The math behind pagerank..
  • Study Illayaraja’s  super hit songs using time-frequency domain analysis and report why most of his songs are melodious and liked by the most.
  • Introductory video on algorithmic trading? The math and computer behind it.
  • Video on C linked list structure used in Linux kernel development

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