BPMS Tool – Who should use it?

Business Process Management Suite tool is not an IT tool. It is a tool must be used by both business and IT. It is a platform to bring both IT and business together. IT – Business alignment has been a topic for a while in the enterprise and IT strategy related discussion for a while. The true IT business alignment in the grass root level can be accomplished by selecting and implementing the BPMS tool in an organization.

Like innovation, agility is an another strategic imperatives being used by many successful organization. To accommodate the rapid change in the market, the agility within the IT organization in terms of technology, process, systems and etc are must have. It is not a good/best practice it is must have requirement in this dynamic market.

Who are the real users of the tool?

When the tool is viewed as an IT tool, then it is the starting point to defeat the whole purpose of the tool. BPMS is not an IT tool. It is an enterprise too which should be used by both IT and business. Generally, the business process management of the organization is maintained by non IT organization. Some of the organization has a centralized organization responsible for the business process management. They facilitate the business process for any new project requirement and also maintain the process house of the organization. It is a centralized business team to perform this function.

To summarize, the BPMS is not an IT tool and should be used by the following teams to make the BPMS implementation successful.

  • BPM team (a centralized business facilitation team responsible to map a business for new requirement and maintain the process house of the organization)
  • Business teams (cross functional)
  • IT application architecture team
  • IT enterprise architecture team
  • Business analyst
  • Executive Business analyst (who work for CEO or COO and provide the necessary business information working with the functional areas)
  • Application development partners (right sourcing)
  • Developers

BPMS – Pegasystems tool

Business Process Management (BPM) brings agility, adaptability and flexibility to an organization. It is a discipline within the organization how the business processes are defined and managed. All the profit organization does provide value to the customers by selling a product or service. The steps involved in providing that value requires a sequence of steps and systematic way of documenting those steps and managing it is called the business process management. It applies to financial services, insurances, credit card, retail, bank etc. Documenting the business process and managing it has been followed for almost 20-25 years. Started from the flow chart to state interaction diagram, sequence diagram. Documenting it before the implementation is not a new concept.

The real problem in the BPM and the IT system implementation are the variance between the documented processes and system implementation. Over the time the variance between the two increases significantly. The higher variance has a compliance and quality issues.

Systematically keeping it in sync all the time is a new concept.

In a very very high level, Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) is a set of tools to design the business processes and automatically develop the code for the defined business processes and deploy into the environment.

There are various products available in this space. IBM Websphere Process server, PegaSystems etc.

Any one who has worked or working with Pegasystems tools for BPMS implementation, do you think you made the right choice of selecting pegasystems as your BPMS tool. I request you to comment your experience and thoughts related to time to implement, time to delivery, benefits, pricing, ease of implementation, complexity, business team adaption , skill set, required competency and etc.

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