Perfect plan to lift the moon

Planning is everything but plan is nothing however, planning is not a precision engineering. Developing a perfect plan for a task at hand is nothing but developing a perfect plan to lift the moon.  The plan will look so perfect and will exceed compliance requirement but will not meet the objective.  There are quite a few project/compliance managers thrive for a perfect plan. It may appear, on the surface, the plan is going to work as laid out, but it is a plan for a impossible task. At the same time, I’m not suggesting not to have a plan or wild wild west approach. My point is, A balanced agile plan is vital for a successful implementation of a project. Open source project is not an exception to this approach. It is extremely critical to create a balanced agile plan for the open source implementation.

What is a balanced agile plan?
It is a plan dynamically changes based on the requirements and has a good balance on accomplishing compliance requirements, exceeding end customer expectation and full filling the project objectives.

Create a balanced agile plan for the open source implementation.

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