The next big ideas!!

We are in deep global economical crisis and most of the organization and individual are or will be focused on survival and sustainability. Human mind becomes sharper in survival and it has been proven since the formation of a single cell. Since we are in deep crisis, innovation, operational & cost efficiency, invention are not differentiator but ingredients of survival. Rate of change of innovation & invention will be in rapid phase in next few years. Top three big ideas will emerge in next few years in the modern  industrial world.

  • Stop that photon
  • Wireless power distribution
  • Quantum computers running in the data centers

What are the industrial applications possible if we could find a way to stop the photon:

  • Virtually there is no electronic screen required. That is, television, computer, projectors are not required instead we can project the display in the space. An average cell phone size device can project (around 50-55 inch) with very high resolution in space.

Wireless electric power transmission:

  • Due to the energy crisis and fossil fuel dependency there will be more focus on clean green energy and there will be progress made in that area. However, irrespective of the energy source, energy distribution will be major problem. Entanglement of the electric energy shall enable the electric power transmission with out physical wires. It will provide a foundation to transmit energy from space. It will lay foundation to eliminate the energy crisis permanently.

Quantum Computers

  • It may not be a replacement of electronic (silicon based) computers. It will be like laser to light bulb. We are using light bulbs even after the discovery of lasers. QC will be more powerful and faster. When it is availble for mass data processing in the data center then the availability of data, processing speed of data will increase alteast hundred folds than what we have today.

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