Communication & Leadership skills

Communication and leadership go hand in hand. Better leaders are better communicators and better communicators are better leaders.

Communication and leadership skills are most essential skills for almost every job. The degree of the requirement may vary. No one ever mastered these two skills. I read in a leadership book, Franklin D Roosevelt had a book about leadership under his pillow during his last days. Even he felt that he could learn more about the leadership during his last days in the planet earth.

When it comes to public speaking, as per old statistics, almost 75% of the people are scared of public speaking. As some of you have already seen in one of the Jerry Sienfeld episode, people who were asked to give eulogy would rather prefer to be in the casket since the public speaking is more fearful than the death.

Public speaking and general communication are key skills required for any position in executive management (for eg. sales director, IT director, financial officer, etc). How to improve it to improve the self confidence? There are many solutions like training available.

I came to know that there is an non profit organization called toastmasters who wants to help professionals to improve the communication and leadership skills to foster personal growth.

I went to the first orientation class and met great people in my community who are also interested to improve their leadership and communication skills. I met members who work for company like Microsoft.

I started writing blogs to improve the writing skills and toastmaster for my communication & leadership skills. I thank my mentor to bring toastmaster to my attention.

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