My Retirement Plan

I don’t know why retirement plan often comes to my mind frequently. Either I feel I’m close to retirement (mentally feeling old, but quantitatively I have to wait another 20 years easy for my retirement) or since I have been doing strategy work extensively, my sub conscience want to work on a plan for my life after 20-25 years in case if I continue to live that far. If I continue to live for some years after 25 years from now, this is what I’m planning to do (as of today) after retirement..

  • Part time lecturer in near by college to teach engineering physics (quantum mechanics in specific)
  • Maintain a farm (may be of size 25 acres) in my village (mostly with coconut trees)
  • Write a book on
    • South Indian farmer’s natural strategic thinking/thought process ( Some prestigious business school study on strategic planning and I believe the farmers who has 3-5th grade education in the villages thinking almost same or even in some cases better than the prestigious business school educated scholars)
    • How to live after you die?
  • Self discovery (who am I??)
  • Wicket keeping coach (or free wicket keeping training center)

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2 thoughts on “My Retirement Plan

  1. Interesting thoughts. I suspect it is because of your capability to look at the big picture, view things from the helicopter as they say and strategize long term on the vision. Nothing wrong with contemplating retirement it happens to us all for various reasons. Although if you discover who you really are at this time is there really enough time to do what you really wanted to do now you know what that is 

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