Falcons Vs YouthRiders (Game #3, DCL Season 2008 )

I have been playing for Falcons team for 5 years and few things, I have been bragging about the Falcon’s attitude are

  • Always play as a team
  • Never give up
  • Respect every one in the team
  • Respect the opponents
  • Fight till the end
  • Never satisfy with our performance
  • Learn from the each other and from the opponents
  • Give every one equal opportunities (according to the situation)

The game plan architects of Falcons decided to exploit the equal opportunities attitude vigorously in this match. The regular opener became the 12th man and other one became the last down. The opening slot was given to a new comer to the team who has a great attitude and fits very well with Falcon’s chemistry. It is an excellent example of Falcon’s motto “We do not need great players but we will make them”. Both of them played good and one was very unlucky to get out when the umpire thought his thigh was an extension of his bat. He displayed a great confidence and made few excellent shots. The other new comer took enough time to settle down and made 3s, 4s and ended with a very decent score to start the season.. that too, he has not played cricket for almost two years.

Over all the experiments results were successful and provided 2008 Falcon’s architects lots of data points to grind and mine. Falcons scored 118 runs in 25 overs loss of 9 wickets. Srihari, Matta, Srikanth, Keshav, Sai, Sudhirs all contributed to reach 118 runs. During this innings, one of the Youthrider player dislocated his shoulder. Falcons team member took him to hospital and took care of him. Mean while, Youthrider called another player and Falcons generously agreed the just arrived 12th man as part of their 11. ie. he can also bat.

Huge delay due to the shoulder dislocation situation, the second innings started around 12.30 pm. Falcons, as usual, started aggressively and took quick wickets. Sai took some well judged great catches. Sai, he always make the most difficult catch as a very simple catch. His athleticism, concentration & judgment are priceless.

When YouthRiders lost 5 wickets and after that they were not playing to win but to play 25 overs. That put the Falcons very unmotivated and took it as a practice rather than a match. Missed too many easy catches. Had we took those catches YouthRider were out for 35 runs. Finally Youthriders were out for 51 runs in 23.2 overs.

It was a very good practice for Falcons.

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