My Retirement Plan

I don’t know why retirement plan often comes to my mind frequently. Either I feel I’m close to retirement (mentally feeling old, but quantitatively I have to wait another 20 years easy for my retirement) or since I have been doing strategy work extensively, my sub conscience want to work on a plan for my life after 20-25 years in case if I continue to live that far. If I continue to live for some years after 25 years from now, this is what I’m planning to do (as of today) after retirement..

  • Part time lecturer in near by college to teach engineering physics (quantum mechanics in specific)
  • Maintain a farm (may be of size 25 acres) in my village (mostly with coconut trees)
  • Write a book on
    • South Indian farmer’s natural strategic thinking/thought process ( Some prestigious business school study on strategic planning and I believe the farmers who has 3-5th grade education in the villages thinking almost same or even in some cases better than the prestigious business school educated scholars)
    • How to live after you die?
  • Self discovery (who am I??)
  • Wicket keeping coach (or free wicket keeping training center)

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