Software system architecture definition model

Consistency and repeatability in the architecture definition process is a must have requirement in an organization. It is like parents teaching some moral lessons to the kids. Kids will watch the parents if parents do practice what they teach them. If parents does not practice what they teach the kids, the kids are not going to buy-in to the parent’s teaching. Same situation with the architects. Architects emphasis and promote consistency, repeatability, efficiency and etc to the project team and if they do not practice those imperatives in their process and work product, it is going to be a hard sell for them.

Picture speaks more than thousand words. The above diagram illustrates a model, software system architects would follow to define the architecture blue print. The architect’s tool box are the knowledge gained through the internal process, individual experience, continuous improvement. The reference model and pattern catalog provides a framework for repeatability in the architecture definition process and in return implements those imperatives in the end product of the process. ie. software system architecture blueprint.

Software System Architecture definition process

Software System Architecture definition process defines solution blue print for a system requirement. The architecture blue print consists of various view points  of a solution. Architecture is not detail design. The blue print is a guidelines for the detail design.  It ensures all the constraints and the requirements are met before any signficant work (like detail design) is done. It is an iterative process. The blue print consists of view points like information, technology,development,deployment, functional, concurrency and etc. The different types of view point of the blue print depends on the type of systems. For instance, embedded system architecture blue print generally emphasis on concurrency,functional, deployment,technology view points and where as a financial system does not emphasis on concurrency view point.  The system architect shall decide the required view points for the system requirements.

 The blue print will be analyzed and validated from a different perspective like security, compliance and it is part of the architecture blue print validation process.